Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are not. As a Foot Health Professional and Certified Master Pedicurist our services sit in the middle of the foot care spectrum bridging the gap between salon pedicure services and medical foot care services. Our focus is on external foot health issues like corns, calluses, nail and skin fungus, ingrown toenails etc. while also able to provide cosmetic foot services during the same treatment when desired.

Continually keeping up to date through self study and Industry training Katalin has applied her skills by working directly with clients during the last 18 years. In 2002 Katalin completed her foot care training in Budapest, Hungary consisting of a 6 month full time course and internship. She has continued to update her skills through courses on foot care through specialized courses regarding pedicuring for Diabetics and Seniors, Infection control, Reflexology and nail art. In 2010 Katalin also completed her Certified Master Pedicurist training through the North American School of Podology as well as her Certified Podologist Training in the Spring of 2012.

It is hard to say for clients we have not worked with before but on average our Signature Keddie Pedi service takes approximately 1.5 hours. Routine nail care mini services can last about 30 minutes and intensive treatments taking 2 hours is not unusual.

All our tools are fully sterilized for every client. Any tools that can not be sterilized are disposed of and fresh ones used for each service. We sterilize using a medical 15 minute chemo sterilant and High Level Disinfectant as well as all our tools are placed in single use sealed sterile pouches and high heat steam sterilized in an autoclave.

Everything needed for your treatment in provided by us and included in the cost of the treatment. The only thing we ask is that our clients who will be receiving our cosmetic nail services please bring along a pair of sandals or open toe shoes in order to allow for extended polish drying time when leave after your treatment. 

We can accept cash as well as magnetic stripe cards or chip and PIN cards, contactless cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Visa Electron or Vpay logo.

At the moment regular health service plans and insurance does not cover our services.

Yes, that is correct. Our service is all inclusive and nothing else is expected or accepted as an extra for great service. We are very happy that you chose to give us an opportunity to work with you and promise to do our best for you in every way we can, every time as part of the regular service you should expect from us. We have had clients that insist in the past and to prevent arguments we have decided that should someone leave extra we set it aside as a donation and use it to support providing foot care when needed to those in need who may not normally be able to afford proper care or that are going through an especially difficult time in their life.