To best treat the needs of our clients we offer three primary all-inclusive levels for our foot care service. Each level features a flat rate that includes all the services necessary to revive and/or beautify your feet. At Keddie Pedi, we don’t up charge for every detail. Taxes are included and gratuity is not accepted; It is our pleasure to serve you. Because we are all-inclusive, you’ll always know what you’re getting: great service, high quality treatments with premium products and beautiful healthy feet.


At Keddie Pedi our focus is on Therapeutic Foot Care and we are available to help Women and Men of any age in need of foot care with the bonus of cosmetic treatments when desired. Treatment examples include:

Diabetic Foot Care

Seniors & Elderly Foot Care

Foot Care for Athletes

corns | cracked heels | nail & skin fungus | ingrown toenails | calluses

We guarantee your satisfaction with our

Payment Options

We can accept cash as well as magnetic stripe cards, chip and PIN cards or contactless cards with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, China Union Pay, Discover, Maestro, Visa Electron or Vpay logo as well as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay mobile wallets.

KEDDIE PEDI NAIL CARETreatment Time: ~ 40 min£38

If your feet are generally healthy or you simply need routine nail care, preventative maintenance of a ongoing issue our Keddie Pedi Nail Care service can help.

  • Therapeutic Nail Care or;
  • Preventative maintenance for a particular ailment or

KEDDIE PEDITreatment Time: ~ 60 min£52

With a focus on therapeutic foot care our Keddie Pedi service offers a full foot makeover to address all of your foot health concerns. Nail shaping, corn & callus reduction, treatment of cracked heels and other common ailments that require therapeutic care in order to make your feet feel great from toe to heel is included.

  • Transformational Full Foot Therapeutic Makeover
  • Our primary service for clients not in need of cosmetic nail treatments.

KEDDIE PEDI SIGNATURETreatment Time: ~ 90 min£62

Our signature, full foot service combines our Keddie Pedi therapeutic treatments to alleviate concerns such as corns, cracked heels, and calluses with our premium cosmetic treatments to beautify for look and feel from toe to heel. Your feet will be healthy and look fabulous.
  • Transformational Full Foot Therapeutic Makeover
  • Includes choice of Cosmetic Nail Treatments


Keddie Pedi Intensive Services:

Although we do our best to fit all our work into our primary service levels and pricing a few particular treatments may have an added or different cost. Keddie Pedi Intensive services supplement the therapeutic treatments offered in our Keddie Pedi service to address foot care issues such as extensive late stage nail fungus, braces for ingrown toenails and prosthetic nail construction. Until Katalin see’s your feet during your initial consultation this is not something we can determine but in the rare case your needs fall into this category we will let you know in advance of any work being done and you can make a decision that is right for you.

At Home Foot Care Products:

We are able to offer Podopharm's full line of specialized foot care products as well as other specialized products to support the ongoing care of your feet. Katalin will be able to recommend to you at home treatment regimes using products we offer or other products you may already have and are comfortable with. We only stock products of the best quality and that provide proven results. Product purchases are never necessary or pressured. Prices vary based on Product.

Keddie Pedi Special Needs:

Is there just a particular thing bothering on your foot that you would like treated without a complete foot care service? Do you have a relative or friend with a medical condition or other concern that requires special assistance? Maybe you know of a charitable need for our services? Our 3 treatment levels were created to fit the needs of most of our clients but we understand that they may not fit all. If your situation does not fit into our 3 standard service options just let us know and we will do our best to find a solution that does.


Are your feet in need of care?

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